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The Most Complete Internet Business Solutions You Will Ever Need!

Updated: May 30, 2020

Do You Use Click Funnels, Wix, Squarespace, Aweber, or Active Campaign?

Some of these tools are expensive for sure.

If you have a website, an email service, a sales funnels service, a web designer, an SEO specialist, hosting, backup, messaging software, webinar building software, etc……

For those entrepreneurs and small businesses that have websites and also use web developers to code your website maintain your website. These costs certainly add up big time, along with all the extra software and monthly subscriptions you need in addition to the small team that you need to manage all the little coding nuances on your website. Here is a small list of these expenses and I'm sure you can think of others:

  1. Developers who write code - At least $20/hr - We will say $500/Annual= $42/mth

  2. Web designers - $4000 to build a decent website and the price can certainly go much higher than this. Or wix.com $27/mth

  3. Sales funnel subscriptions - Comparable to Click Funnels $297/mth

  4. SEO specialists - At least $20/hr low end = $200/mth

  5. Exit intent software - Comparable to Optimonster the basic service is $19/mth

  6. 25,000 Email - Email marketing software - Comparable to Active Campaign $479/mth

  7. Messaging software - $89/mth per agent

  8. Hosting - Comparable to Blue Host $9/mth

  9. Webinar software - Comparable to Goto Webinar $60/mth

  10. Automated webinars - Comparable to Stealth Seminar $70/mth

  11. Membership infrastructure - Comparable to Kajabi and Thinkific $159/mth

  12. Video - Comparable to Wistia $99/mth

  13. Ecommerce Tools/Shopping cart - Comparable to Shopify $299/mth

  14. Calendar tool tied into email marketing - Comparable to Drip $49/mth

  15. Help desk platform - Comparable to Zendesk $149/mth

  16. Surveys & Quizzes tied into the email - Comparable to Survey Monkey $75/mth

All of these commonly used services would cost:

$2122/mth = $25,464 Annually

I have low-balled all the monthly fees and obviously, if you use a site like Wix.com, the SEO capabilities are terrible so you will probably not get found through organic searches very often. If you are having someone build a Wordpress site for you that can easily run you $5000 or more and keep in mind we did not add that charge in this itemized list. Again, I think you can think of some other items that can be on this list as well.

These monthly costs are not cheap!

We have fantastic news for you!

The Page Builder has been re-invented from scratch with new technology!

There is a much better and more cost-effective solution with brand new technology superior to anything else in the market today. The savings are ridiculous and now you will be able to put more profits back into your business and save huge amounts of time in the process as well since the tools are interconnected and centralized.

Groove Pages by Groove Digital

Fully customizable pre-made blocks that are Drag and drop and easier than ever before. Made for beginners who want to convert traffic, however, contains under the hood features for developers if you want special features or functionality that is complex in which a developer or coder can switch to expert mode.

Importing websites and funnels will be easy as pasting a URL and transferring while protecting copywrites! How awesome is that...

- Mark B


  • Limited time: Charter Pro - member Offer: Backing the project before the launch

  • Sign up for FREE to start

  • Advanced SEO features

  • Flash loading

  • Low Bundled pricing

  • Many more features

  • Mobile-first indexing - Google's latest update, a fundamental change in architecture

  • All tools centralized on one platform talking with each other.

  • You can save your work without publishing the page.

  • Using the best software engineers in the business

  • layout mock-ups, take any layout and add color sequences later to focus on web page flow.

  • Import any of your pages complete into Groove page and you'll never need to rebuild it from scratch.


  • Limited Time: Never make another payment ever again and enjoy all of the future innovations

  • Fun and easy to use

  • Ability to rank high in organic searches for each page of importance

  • More affordable

  • Do not need 20 services from other companies, all-inclusive

  • Favorable to Google

  • Latest technology

  • Easy to import your funnel and webpage assets

  • Referring to friends, business partners and associates will pay recurring commissions for life

Completely reinvented page builder using HTML with CSS and the latest JavaScript framework (View.JS). Groove pages are not using the old “bootstrap” technology that all the other companies are using.

The only platform that allows you to build landing pages, marketing funnels, and professionally branded websites that convert visitors to leads and leads into customers.

The capability of adding order bumps, which are the little side orders that pop up before checkout that is a small cost relevant to the main order, and is an addition to the main order and compulsive.

The Groove digital platform will also have an open API kit available to developers. You will be able to write software and plugins for the platform like an iPhone. How awesome is that!! A marketplace for plugins and features that Groove Digital did not get around to creating or if you want to have your own functionality written, this will be possible. You will be able to achieve any functionality that very expensive websites utilize within a very stable user-friendly environment. And everything you can ever want is centralized in one location and works synergistically. This is a very big deal!

Load balance accounts, using multiple accounts and whatever percentage you want to allocate to a specific account so you do not put all your eggs in one basket so to speak - and this can be for a bunch of reasons. So of the processing companies used are Stripe, Brain Tree, Paypal, Groovepay, AuthNet, NMI

This is huge and no other platform offers this, other platforms only allow one processing company and for this reason alone will cause a large number of businesses to switch to Groove Pages.

E-mail Software with Tagging Capabilities

Groove mail will be comparable to Active Campaign. It will have the ability to send out email sequences based on what the recipient clicks on within the email. Or if you send out a video and half of the videos watched that video will be tagged where the recipient left off watching and send an email based on not completing the video segment. This video can be on a funnel also and synced up to your email This new platform is a smart technology that will surely help your profitability bigtime by saving serious time and money!

Live or Automated Webcasts in One

Comparable to go to webinar and stealth Seminar is a complete webcast solution to record and to play back the recordings for consistent webcast marketing for much less than just one of the services. And it’s all-inclusive with your website and funnel building software and each of these services by themselves is much better then the software that is sold independently that was mentioned above. And you may also tag in the live webcast and recordings as to where viewers fell off. A few days later you may send the appropriate email using the email software to the recipient that did not finish the webcast or recording of the webcast to the end with remarketing without any additional effort.

Membership Capabilities

This would be comparable to kajabi or thinkific, however once again this will be much much less in cost. In this comprehensive membership bundle, you will be able to trickle content to the desired subscribers on your website who hold specific types of memberships. For example, you may have a silver, gold, and platinum subscription levels that have access to specific content. as with all the other services everything is interconnected through the platform with superior Analytics.

Comprehensive E-Commerce Platform

This would be comparable to Shopify, however once again this will be much much less in cost. In this comprehensive E-commerce that will work seamlessly with all of the other products on this platform with everything and more then what is offered on the market today with superior Analytics.

This video will explain in great detail all of the business tools that a business will ever want in a central location and far better than anything you're using now for a single price for the Charter Pro-member that will only be available for a limited time, so don’t miss this unique opportunity.

In conclusion

The savings that can be had in this large suite of software is enormous, in addition to the software being much superior to anything else on the market today Groove Digital is using the best software developers and designers in the industry. Groove Digital founder Mike Filsaime is a veteran software designer responsible for the creation of brands such as Webinar Jam, Ever Webinar, Deal Guardian, Kartra, etc. This is a no-brainer if I've ever seen one Without this offer with the one price for life deal.

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